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Every human being should consider reading these two books:
1. “Mere Christianity”     by CS Lewis
2. “Desiring God: Meditations of a Christian Hedonist”       by John Piper
You can download a .pdf of “Desiring God” for free here:
Other good books:
-“The Reason for God” by Tim Keller (one of the best books on why Christianity is true)
-“Bruchko” by Bruce Olson (fantastic true story about a 19 year old who follows God’s call to live with a remote Indian tribe in South America. My favorite missionary book!)
-“The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren (great book on what life is all about)
-“How People Grow” by Cloud and Townsend (great book from two Christian psychologists on how to live an emotionally and spiritually healthy life)
-“The Wounded Heart: Hope for adult victims of childhood sexual abuse” by Dr. Dan Allender (Allender has advanced degrees in both psychology and theology and really helps explaining the nature of abuse and steps needed to heal)
-“Jesus as a Figure in History” by Mark Allen Powell (great book for those interested in understanding Jesus from a biblical scholar’s survey of historical Jesus research of the last 150 years)
-“He is There and He is Not Silent” by Francis Schaeffer (a book about epistemology–how do we know what we know about the world? An excellent read!)
– “The Resurrection of the Son of God” by N.T. Wright (an 800 page book on the historical reality that Jesus physically rose from the grave, written by today’s foremost New Testament scholar)
– “The Confessions” by Saint Augustine (the first auto-biography ever written in western civilization, and written by the most important Christian theologian in history, it’s a must read)
– “What’s So Amazing about Grace?” by Philip Yancey (Filled with wonderful stories and insight into God’s Word and the topic of grace, Yancey has written a classic)
-“Can You Keep Your Faith in College?“: students from 50 campuses tell you how and why” (A must read for any high school senior or college student!)
-“The 5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman (An excellent book on how to love another person, especially in marriage–though learning the 5 love languages will help you love your parents, friends, even pastor better :)…The 5 ways we all give/receive love are: 1. touch, 2. words of affirmation, 3. quality time, 4. gifts, and 5. acts of service…discover your spouse’s top 2 love languages for much better communication!)

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