LEADERSHIP in our church IS shared

All members of the church are called into ministry – to bear witness to our faith in Jesus Christ and to serve in his name.

Some are called to minister through volunteering for a particular ministry. Others are called to a particular responsibility and authority, referred to as church officers.  These leadership roles are:  Minister of Word and Sacrament (pastor), elder, and deacon.

The primary role of an elder is to:  strengthen and nurture our faith and life as a congregation; encourage worship and service of God;  and equip us for ministry as a church and in mission to the world.

The elders, along with the pastor, make up our Session which serves as the authoritative (i.e. decision-making) body of the church.

The primary role of a deacon, is to minister care to those in need and lead our congregation, in the example of Jesus, by serving others with compassion.