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What can I expect when I visit the church?

Everyone and anyone is most welcome to attend Fowler Pres. You can expect warm and friendly folks who are genuinely happy that you’ve chosen to visit. We want you to feel like Fowler Pres can become your spiritual home and your church family. 
Upon arriving you will be greeted with a friendly “good morning”, and offered a bulletin letting you know about the flow of the morning service.
Please feel free to sit wherever you would like.
Dress however you feel comfortable. There is no dress code. Some folks wear jeans to church, while others choose to dress up a little more. Either is fine.
A normal worship service lasts around one hour and fifteen minutes. There will be joyful songs of praise; there will be the beauty of the organ making melody; the choir will sing an anthem of worship; and there will be a sermon preached with grace, humor, insight, and truth from the Bible.
If you have kids, we have a nursery up thru age 3, and we have a great children’s church for ages 4 thru 5th grade where your kids will have fun playing games, learning about the love of God, and being creative by making a craft. (You can certainly choose to have your kids stay with you during the service, but this ministry is available for you and your kids even if it’s your first time visiting with us.)
After the service everyone is welcome to our coffee and cookies in the back for a little refreshment and conversation.
Above all we hope that you will feel the love of God, the presence of the Spirit, and a feeling of genuine warmth of heart among the people at Fowler Pres. 
We look forward to meeting you!

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